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The Ultimate Model for Customer-to-Dealer Interaction

Smart businesses understand the need for dynamic websites with relevant and engaging content to attract customers. TEXT2DRIVETM provides the auto industry and dealers with the most exciting and profit-driven interactive website features ever displayed. Each of our interactive web text features adapt to any device or platform.


Key Benefits of TEXT2DRIVETM Interactivity


TEXT2DRIVETM literally puts the power of interactivity in the palms of the hands of your consumers. Delivering to them what they want, when they want it, and how they want to receive it.


Auto dealers receive notifications in real time, the instant these interactive website features are engaged.


Every interaction is archived permanently in the TEXT2DRIVETM platform and is easily accessible in the web interface so dealer admins can quickly analyze reports on all interactive SMS activity at any time.

Powerful Customer-to-Dealer Interactive Website Features

1 TEXTconnect

Customers click on the photo of any employee to connect directly to that person via text messaging.

  • Engage Easily with Customers
  • Get Real-Time Alerts
  • Customers Can Find the Right Person Faster

2 TEXTcoupons

Consumers do not want to print coupons or offers from an auto dealer’s website. With a simple click, offers are delivered via text message to a customer’s phone in seconds.

  • Every Interaction is Archived Permanently
  • Easily Accessible in the Dealer Interface
  • Quickly Analyze Real-Time Reports
  • Double Opt-In

3 TEXTvehicle

Consumers do not want to print screens from an auto dealer’s website or constantly login to view their saved vehicles. With a simple click, info is delivered via text message to a customer’s phone in seconds.

  • Permanently Archive Every Interaction
  • Easily Accessible in the Dealer Interface
  • Analyze Real-Time Reports Quickly
  • Double Opt-In Legal Compliant

4 LIVEchat

Auto dealers have the ability to place LIVEchat interactivity on any or all pages of their website. Also, control the days & times this feature is displayed online by disabling it when staff is not available to respond.

  • Interact Easily with Customers
  • Get Real-Time Notifications
  • Track & Analyze Conversations

5 TEXT4appointment

Customers press the “Text to Schedule Appointment” button and instantly text with any auto dealer department. No need to enter VIN numbers or other unnecessary information.

  • Strong Call-To-Action
  • Use Multiple Buttons for Multi-Location Finder
  • Great for New Purchases & Service Center

6 TEXTmarketing

With the simple click of a button, your customers can choose to receive coupons and other offers sent to them via text. Asking them to opt-in means you’re always legal compliant.

  • Every Interaction is Archived Permanently
  • Double Opt-In Legal Compliant
  • Simple & Effective Marketing Tool

7 TEXTme

The TEXTme interactive feature begins a text conversation between your customers and any dealership employee. They’ll appreciate the convenience and immediate response using the messaging platform they prefer.

  • Engage Easily with Customers
  • Get Real-Time Alerts
  • Customers Get Their Questions Answered Faster

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